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Teas For Every Time of Day

Fall means the arrival of cool days, cozy socks, trendy boots and return to routine. It’s the hustle and bustle of getting the family ready in the morning, and the prep for bed at night. As tea lovers, both seasoned and new, it’s also the perfect time to either upgrade or develop a tea routine to help get through the day.

We’ve selected our top recommendations to get you started. It’s time to customize your daily tea ritual!

Morning Teas

Wake up with bold, spicy notes of chai tea. Rich ingredients of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and other spices awaken the senses giving you just the right burst of flavor to get going. If you’re a coffee lover, you may also enjoy a cup of My Morning Mate or JavaVana Mate.

Top Recommendations

Maharaja Chai/Samurai Chai Blend

Masala Chai

Teavana Oprah Chai

Afternoon Teas

Get through the rest of the day with teas that serve as a pick-me-up. We recommend a cup of black tea around lunch time.

Top Recommendations

Golden Monkey

Black Dragon Pearls

English Breakfast

Night Teas

Wind down from a long day with soothing herbal teas. Relaxing notes of chamomile and lavender make for a great cup before bed. If you enjoy green tea, then you may also enjoy a cup of Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls.

Top Recommendations

Peach Tranquility

Citrus Lavender Sage

Honeybush Vanilla

Creating a routine is fun and easy! The most important component is your personal taste, so enjoy customizing your daily tea experience. Cheers!

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