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Entertaining In Style

Whether you’re hosting a themed party, wedding or outdoor gathering, entertaining should always be done in style – and sophisticated celebrations are our cup of tea! With just a few pointers,you can take any event from ordinary to extraordinary.


It’s no secret that the key to any successful event is in the delicious spread prepared. Social gatherings require just the right food and beverage selection. We recommend serving a variety of refreshing teas fit for Summer entertaining.

Elegant Pairings

For the fancy event planner, tea cocktails are always a hit! Gather inspiration from our Youthberry Wild Orange Cosmo. It’s the perfect twist on a classic and elegant drink. Fellow tea lovers will raise their glasses in appreciation. Your guests may also enjoy the more traditional flavors of our Matcha Martini. Both delectable and unique, you can never go wrong with either. Experiment with our delicious recipes and come up with a drink menu all your own. To get you started, here are a few of our cock-tail inspired teas:

  • Blackberry Mojito
  • Tomato Lime Cocktail
  • Strawberry Blush Rosé
  • Sangria Punch
  • Tropical Pairings

    Summer weather inspires outdoor gatherings with cool themes. Transport your guests to a tropical destination with fun and flavorful summer teas. Make vibrant pitchers both catching to the eye and exciting to the palate. Add a cup of fresh fruit for gourmet taste. Here are a few of our favorites:

    • Raspberry Limeade
    • Cucumber Melon Cooler
    • Blood Orange Sorbet
    • Blueberry Kona Pop
    • Presentation

      Once the menu is complete, set the atmosphere with just the right presentation. For sophisticated events (weddings, all white parties, or even company functions) it is important to display your food and beverage spreads properly. Feature your elegant tea pairings in our Modern Iced Tea Maker for a true “wow” factor. Not only is this tea maker sleek, but it also dispenses your tea beautifully over ice.

      For the more fun and playful Summer gatherings, we recommend displaying your tropical tea pairings in our Berry Infusion Pitcher or Amandine Pitcher. The Berry Pitcher is bright, festive and fitting for any vibrant Summer event. Each pitcher also allows your guests to admire the beautiful hues each tea brews to.

      We hope you gathered some inspiration for your next big event! Be sure to share your party ideas with us on Pinterest! Cheers!

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