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Jade Citrus Mint Mojito

Jade Citrus Mint Mojito

Enjoy summertime with a Jade Citrus Mint Mojito! This tropical drink is sure to be a crowd pleaser at Happy Hour.

Make Sweetened Iced Tea Base

  1. 1. Add 6 teaspoons of PerfecTea Rock Sugar in 16 oz PerfecTea Maker. Pour 1/2 cup of 205°F hot water, stir to dissolve sugar.
  2. 2. Add 6 teaspoons of Jade Citrus Mint. Add 185°F water and fill to the top of PerfecTea Maker. Brew for 2 minutes.
  3. 3. Fill 16 oz cup with ice. After brewing, strain tea by placing PerfecTea Maker on cup and flash chill brewed tea.
  4. Building the Mojito

    1. 1. In an 8 oz high ball glass, add 8-10 fresh mint leaves. Gently crush mint leaves with muddler to release natural mint oils.
    2. 2. Add 1 oz sweetened Jade Citrus Mint iced tea concentrate, 1 oz of freshly squeezed lime juice, 2 oz white rum and top off with a splash of club soda.
    3. 3. Rub the rim of the high ball glass with 8-10 more fresh mint leaves for best aroma and taste.
    4. 4. Serve with elegant straw and enjoy!
    5. For a demo, click here: Cheers!

      Comments (1)

Comments (1) -

9/9/2013 9:50:45 PM

My wife and I both love many of teas at Teavana. We normally stock up whenever we go there, because the nearest store is about an hour drive from our house.
But after our most recent visit we will have to find a new source to buy our teas.
We went into the Lehigh Valley store a little after 5:00 this past Sunday. I asked the person working there (he said his name was Cory) what flavors are the samples? He answered with an attitude “the same as we always have.”
Next we asked to buy a cup of tea. But since it was past 5:00 and they close at 6:00, they told us they could not make us any. We were disappointed, since all they had to do was add hot water to some tea leaves in a cup. But I guess that was a company policy, so I kept my mouth shut.
Next my wife asked if one of the samples were cold and Cory told her “if you take another sample I am going to charge you for a cup of tea.” She only sampled two flavors and I believe they had about 5 or 6 to sample. For those of you who have never been to a Teavana store, these are little sample cups, probably about an ounce or two, that they only fill up less than half way. I guess whoever trained Cory never told him, if someone likes a sample they may want to buy some to take home.
My wife was so upset because of his attitude and the way he talked to her, we left the store without buying any loose teas. And that was the main reason why we drove an hour each way to that mall.
After she cooled down, I said let’s get the teas that we came here for before the store closes. She said “I’m not going back in, if you want them, you go back, I’m not going.”
So, I went back by to the store by myself. Cory is in front of the table where two of the samples are on with his arm crossed as if he was guarding The Crown Jewels. Then with a nasty tone he says to me “back again for more?”
With that my blood pressure started to rise fast and I was afraid I was going to lose my cool and cause a scene, or with his attitude it may have started a fight, so I just walked out of the store.
I will never step foot into a Teavana again!