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Flavor Profile: White Tea

Flavor Profile: White Tea

White tea, the purest and most delicate form of tea, has a mild flavor and mellow sweetness. Like many teas, the flavor of white tea changes depending upon how long it’s steeped. When steeped for a minute or so, white tea tastes light and floral. Longer steeping times bring out white tea’s honeyed sweetness.

Silver Needle White Tea

Silver Needle White Tea, the rarest and most treasured form of white tea, is harvested in the early spring when the tea buds are covered with silvery threads. Silver Needle is an extremely light tea that is perfect for when you crave a simple, refreshing, and mildly sweet beverage. Enjoy it on its own or add honey to enhance the flavor.

Silver Yin Zhen Pearls White Tea

What do you get when you combine Silver Needle White Tea with tea artisans in China’s Fujian province? Silver Yin Zhen Pearls White Tea, the pearl form of silver needle. After it’s withered and dried, the silver needle buds are hand-rolled into small, delicate pearls. This process enhances the floral notes in tea – making for a mild, slightly sweet cup that is slightly more floral than its un-rolled sister.

Body + Mind White Tea

An extremely popular white tea blend, Body + Mind White Tea combines Silver Needle White Tea, Monkey Picked Oolong and Jasmine Pearls Green Tea. As you might expect, this tea combines fragrant orchid undertones with jasmine. Body + Mind White tea has a smooth, clean finish and makes a perfect tea break during a hectic afternoon.

What is your favorite white tea? Share with us in the comments.

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