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Find a great dessert tea

Five Flavorful Dessert Teas

Dessert teas make a great substitute for high-calorie desserts. If you’re new to dessert tea, or if you’re looking for a new favorite, let Teavana be your guide. Here are our favorite dessert teas that are perfect after a meal, or any time of day.

Chocolate Bananas Foster

A dessert lover’s dream, Chocolate Bananas Foster is rich in flavor. Smooth chocolate comes together with creamy caramel and sweet banana to make a delicious treat.

Azteca Fire Herbal Tea

If you’re looking for a kick, Azteca Fire Herbal Tea has it! An excellent combination of spicy and sweet, this dessert tea combines chocolate, chilies and strawberries for a flavor you won’t forget.

Slimful Chocolate Decadence

For a rich and robust tea, try Slimful Chocolate Decadence, a luxurious mix of robust cacao, creamy toasted coconut and ginger spice that satisfies even the strongest sweet tooth.

CocoCaramel Sea Salt

A distinct taste of sweet and salty, CocoCaramel Sea Salt combines sweet caramel, decadent chocolate, a hint of cream and a sprinkling of sea salt.

Toasted Nut Brulee Oolong Tea

The name says it all – a warm combination of roasted almonds, hazelnut, coconut, cinnamon and caramel, Toasted Nut Brulee Oolong Tea is the ultimate dessert tea.

Comments (2)

Comments (2) -

7/20/2013 2:53:37 PM

I love love love these teas! Does someone happen to know the calorie count on these dessert teas? Thanks so much!

7/23/2013 4:02:53 PM

Hi Jessica: Without any added sweetener, milk or creamer, our teas have zero calories. For more information on nutritional facts, click here: Cheers!