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Jasmine Dragon pearls

Spotlight On: Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea originates in China’s Fujian province, where green tea is scented with jasmine blossoms. Learn about the history and flavor profile of jasmine tea.

The wonderful smell and taste of Jasmine has long been a culinary treat, even in tea! The process of scenting green tea with jasmine blossoms began in China’s Fujian province, where tea has been produced for centuries. Jasmine tea is still produced in Fujian, where it is typically hand-tied into pearls, producing a specialty tea that makes a perfect gift.

The Process of Making Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea starts with early spring green tea that must be stored until the early summer, when jasmine is in bloom. During the summertime, jasmine is picked in the morning before the bloom has opened, and is kept cool throughout the day to prevent it from wilting.

In the evening, when the jasmine blossom opens, the flowers are moved close to the spring green tea, which absorbs the scent of the jasmine. This process takes several hours. Finer jasmine teas, like our Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Green Tea are scented up to eight times, to impart a delicate floral flavor.

After the tea leaves are scented, the jasmine is discarded and the teas are re-fired, to prevent spoiling. Then, the jasmine-scented green tea leaves are hand-tied into “pearls,” which unfurl beautifully as they steep.

The Flavor Profile of Jasmine Tea

Jasmine teas are smooth, delicate, floral and sweet. Tasting more like jasmine flowers than green tea, jasmine teas are perfect for those who want the tea benefits of green tea [link to Health Benefits of Green Tea post] but who dislike the flavor of straight green teas.

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Comments (2) -

Michelle Smith
3/16/2013 5:58:50 PM

Today has been my first experience of Teavana!  I was shopping at Rockaway Townsquare Mall, in New Jersey and stopped by to browse in your store.  I had my first cup of Capital of Heaven Keemun, black tea and I was floored.  I never had tea so delicious.  I then proceeded to ask the sales woman, Kate, how to brew loose tea and how it is stored.  She was very gracious and helped me pick out some green and black tea.  I am now at home enjoying the Jasmine Green Tea and it is heavenly.  Thank you for producing such great tea.

Yours in good health,
Michelle Smith

3/18/2013 9:51:01 AM

Hi Michelle: Welcome to Teavana! We hope that you share many more cups with us. Keep up with us through our blog for tips, tricks, recipes and more. Also, visit our website for more information on our teas and products: Cheers!