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Do This: Host a Girls’ Night In

You don’t have to go out to have a good time. In fact, you can host an old-fashioned girls’ night in instead. Just brew up a few pots of your favorite tea, make some snacks, and fire up your MP3 player. Here’s how to get started.

The Tea

Serve a variety of fun, decaffeinated teas. For a girls’ night in, we love Lemon Lime Kampai Rooibos Tea [] and Zocolatte Spice Herbal Tea [].

For a hint of caffeine, try Chateau Blanc White Tea [], Youthberry White Tea [] or a blooming tea. Your guests will love that white tea is good for their skin.

Cute tea pots [] are a must for this kind of party. If you’re doing a “tea tasting” you only really need one tea pot. But if you plan on serving many teas at a time, you should have as many pots as you do varieties of tea.

The Snacks

Your girls’ night in can be as fussy or as effortless as you want. You can ask everyone to bring something, or you can simply pick up a wedge of cheese and a box of water crackers. If anything, go overboard on dessert. Try serving chocolate dipped angel food cake, mini cheesecakes or chewy coconut bars.

The Music

Choose music that will provide atmosphere but quickly fade into the background when your guests arrive. We love these world music compilations by Putumayo. Try their Brazilian Lounge collection or take a trip to Paris. Your friends will think you’re the coolest. And hey, maybe you are!

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