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Teas by Personality - Part Two

Teas by Personality – Part Two

No matter who you are there’s a loose leaf tea that’s perfect for you. Our fun Teas by Personality guide will help you find the tea that’s right for you.

Earlier in this series we looked at teas that are perfect for the feisty, funny serious and health conscious [link to Teas by Personality part 1] among us. Today we look at teas for the traditional, romantic, experimental, and adventurous. We know you’re out there! And we’ve got some loose leaf teas that are just for you.

Traditional - You like a nice English tea set, and you’ve got a pair of pearls to match. You love traditional Earl Grey, but you’ve never had it this way. Earl Grey Crème Black Tea [] makes use of Bergamot orange lusciously combined with Madagascar vanilla and our Earl Grey tea, for a flavor so great it ought to be a classic.

Drink it when you’re… Thumbing through Kipling.

Romantic - You love classic romantic movies, long afternoons spent reading under shady trees, and evenings spent in front of a roaring fire. You like intense flavors so long as they last a little while and finish sweetly. Sit down with a pot of Amandine Rose Black Tea [] and marvel in the decadence of roasted almonds kissed with cinnamon and sweetened by saffron.

Drink it when you’re… In the mood for love.

Experimental - Every time you walk into a Teavana store, you decide to try something new. Because life is short, right? Have you tried Strawberry Paraiso White Tea [] yet? It combines white tea with strawberries, papaya and even popcorn. You always said you’d try anything once…

Drink it when you’re… Dying your hair five shades of strawberry.

Adventurous - Last year you trekked to Machu Picchu and this year you’re thinking about Nepal. You like to go to the planet’s farthest reaches and when you get there, you’ll try anything. One sip of the smooth Monkey Picked Oolong Tea [] and you’ll be ready to roll.

Drink it when you’re… Planning your next adventure.

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