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Teas by Personality - Part One

Teas by Personality – Part One

Whether you’re new to tea or simply looking for more in your cup, our Teas by Personality guide will direct you to the loose leaf tea that’s perfect for you.

Are you new to tea? Or have you always loved tea but you’re looking for something more in your cup? No matter who you are, we’ve got a tea that’s right for you. Just follow Part One of our fun Teas by Personality guide and sip to your heart’s content.

Health Conscious - You drink tea because you love the taste and the way it makes you feel. Your diet, while green by nature, could get a few shades darker with this shade grown Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea []. And if you want even more from your tea, try mixing up a cup of matcha [-], the powdered form of Gyokuro that ensures you get every last bit of goodness this green tea powerhouse has to offer.

Drink it when you’re… Finished with your yoga practice.

Funny - You like to have a good time, but you’re really happy when you’re making others laugh right along with you. Take the good times to the next level and sip Caribbean Calypso Mate Tea []. The combination of stimulating mate with lighthearted pineapple just might make you think of a few more zingers.

Drink it when you’re… Holding court.

Feisty - Let’s face it - you’ve got a bit of fire in your belly and you always have. You live life with intensity, passion and vigor, and you want a tea that burns as brightly as you do. Brew up a cup of Teavana’s Azteca Fire Herbal Tea [], which combines strawberries, chocolate and chilies, and see where the moment takes you.

Drink it when you’re… Planning your next move.

Serious - You take life - and yourself - seriously. You want a tea that’s just as no-nonsense as you are. Go for Teavana’s Dragonwell Green Tea, a mildly smooth yet complex green tea with chestnut overtones and a soft finish.

Drink it when you’re… Pondering the complexities of the universe.

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Asha Cook
2/7/2013 9:04:22 PM

I like these suggestions.  It's nice to know that Teavana have blends already made and the customer can also buy straight teas to mix and match themselves.