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The New Tea Party

The New Tea Party

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know that tea isn’t just for ancient ceremonies, health enthusiasts or grandmothers anymore. Tea is for everyone. What better way to celebrate this renaissance by throwing a new kind of tea party? Here’s how.

Tea parties don’t have to be intimate, formal affairs. They can have music, and dancing and fun finger foods (and not just cucumber sandwiches – though why not? They are delicious).

Setting the Scene

Even if you invite everyone you know, you can still create an intimate atmosphere by turning the lights down low, and even covering a few lamps with colored scarves.

Arrange a variety of different tea cups near the entrance so that guests can select a cup when they arrive. Encourage people to spread out by creating clusters of tables and a few – but not too many – chairs in your party space. Place tea pots on the tables with a card that identifies the type of tea at that table. (And make sure to note whether or not the tea contains caffeine and/or common allergens; common allergens in blended teas include nuts and chamomile.)

You can arrange the food in a similar way – spreading it out rather than serving from a single location. This will encourage your guests to move around and mingle.

Energize your party by playing eclectic mix of high tempo music. This Arabic Groove mix [] should get things started nicely.

Teas to Serve

As for the tea, we recommend serving a good variety of refreshing and energizing teas. Try Opus Rouge Rooibos, Moroccan Mint Green Tea, Chateau Blanc White Tea, Matevana Herbal Tea, and Azteca Fire Herbal Tea. The key is choosing a mix of different tea flavors for your guests to select. Some may like spicy teas, others will stay with fruit teas. And we recommend having some sweetener, like our honey, around in case a guest needs a little extra sweetness in their cup.

A Tea Party Your Way

The key is to make it your tea party. Add your own distinctive twist to make sure it’s memorable and fun. If you invite the right friends, it is sure to be a blast whether you choose sophisticated and classy or casual and relaxed!

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