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Morning Teas

Morning Teas

Many people making the switch from coffee to tea are still looking for that great energizing morning cup. Get out and get going with these stimulating morning teas.

Javavana Mate Tea

Teavana’s Javavana Mate Tea is an inspired blend of Assam black tea, triple fired mate tea, chocolate and vanilla. The result is an energizing alternative to coffee that will have you humming all morning long.

Matevana Herbal Tea

Matevana is a lighter, morning mate. It combines stimulating mate and good-for-you rooibos, with cocoa, chocolate chips and bits of almond. Drink it all morning long for sustained energy without the buzz.

Amandine Rose Black Tea

Another great morning tea is Amandine Rose Black Tea. It blends black tea with sweet and creamy marzipan, almonds, cinnamon and even saffron. So you can take a trip around the world while reading your email.

English Breakfast Tea

Of course, you can’t go wrong with English Breakfast Tea. Sourced from high in the mountains Teavana’s English breakfast is the highest quality version of the classic. It’ll lift your brows all the higher.

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