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Tea Tumblers on the Go

Tea Tumblers on the Go

Description: Have your tea and take it with you with these stylish, functional Teavana tea tumblers. Here’s how to choose the right tea tumbler for your needs.

Ah, tea time. A time to sit and reflect, to connect with loved ones or simply watch the clouds go by. Who are we kidding? You drink tea all the time, not just when you want a quiet “me” moment. Don’t worry, you can have your tea and take it with you. And you can look good doing it thanks to these stylish, functional tea tumblers.

Which one is right for you?

Glass Tea Tumblers

Teavana’s glass tea tumblers are stunning to be sure, but they go well beyond form thanks to double insulated glass walls, and a built-in tea strainer. The strainer is easily removable, so you can make tea at home and take it on the go without the tea strainer or put your tea leaves in the strainer before you leave and make your tea in the car or at work. Highly recommended for blooming teas.

Carry it when you want to: See the color of your favorite tea.

Colorful Tea Tumblers

The best of both worlds, our Contour tea tumblers [] come in a variety of colors to suit you and will keep your tea warm for up to six hours. The design also fits comfortably in your hand and it includes a strainer to make tea on the go. This is our most popular tumbler.

Carry it when you want to: Match your tea with your shoes.

Clay Tea Tumblers

Tea connoisseurs – or sticklers for authenticity – will love our clay tea tumblers [], made of yixing clay. This porous clay has been used to make teapots since the 15th Century, and remains popular because the clay absorbs the essence and flavor of the tea it holds, creating a stronger flavor over time. We recommend using them for only one type of tea to get the most flavor and benefits over time.

Carry it when you want to: Drink the same type of tea every day.

Stainless Steel Tea Tumblers

Stainless steel tumblers are the ultimate for people who want to keep their tea hot long after their morning commute. This durable, double-walled, vacuum-insulated tea tumbler will do just that.

Carry it when you want to: Warm up on a cold winter’s day.

Equatrade Tea Tumbler

If you love to wear white (and who doesn’t) this beautiful Equatrade Tea Tumbler will be your new favorite accessory. Like all Teavana tea tumblers it contains a removable tea strainer, but unlike other Teavana tumblers, a portion of the proceeds from this tumbler goes to support Teavana's EquaTrade  program, which helps provide education and economic development opportunities in the world's tea growing regions.

Carry it when you want to: Show the world how much you care.

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10/14/2012 4:04:08 PM

Which one is pictured? I'm guessing the stainless steal?