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The Best Honey's for tea

Sweetest Thing: The Best Honeys for Tea

Looking for the best way to sweeten your tea? Whether you want complexity or simply mild sweetness, there’s a honey that’s sure to please.

Teavana is known for procuring some of the highest quality loose-leaf teas in the world. Naturally, such exceptional teas deserve exceptional sweeteners – which is why Teavana is also known for its selection of rare and absolutely delicious honeys []. Each type of honey has properties that make it special and best for serving with tea.

What’s the ideal honey to serve with your tea? It depends on what you’re looking for.

If you want to add natural sweetness to your tea, look no further than White Gold Honey []: White Gold Honey is an unrefined raw honey that’s about the same thickness and consistency as peanut butter. Its creamy, mild taste is delightfully sweet and is perfect for enhancing the flavor of tea. Because it’s so spreadable, White Gold Honey also goes well with toast and pastries. But remember, a little goes a long way with this sweet, unrefined honey.

If you want to add complexity to your cup, try Tupelo Honey. Tupelo comes from the nectar of white tupelo trees, which grow in the Southeastern United States. Because the flowers of the tupelo tree only bloom for about a month, the honey can be hard to find, and is considered a delicacy. With its distinctive flavor and sweetness, Tupelo honey is best when you’re looking to add complexity and sweetness to your tea. Try adding it to basic black, green or white teas.

If you want a truly rare and special honey, you’ve found it in Rare Black Sage Honey: What makes it so rare? It comes from black sage evergreens in California, which only bloom for four out of every ten years. This full-flavored and surprisingly “round” honey is light in color and will add depth to your tea, vinaigrettes and even deserts. Or, taste it as is by simply drizzling it over fruit.

Which honeys do your like to use in your tea? Tell us on our Facebook page.

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