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Sweetest Thing: German Rock Sugar

Sweetest Thing: German Rock Sugar

It’s a conundrum: you want to sweeten your tea, but you want your tea to taste like tea. Enter German rock sugar, the crystallized sweetener that won’t mask the flavor of your tea.

German rock sugar starts with a supersaturated solution made up of water and unrefined cane sugar. Next, a heating and cooling process causes the water to evaporate and allows the dissolved sugar to reform into larger crystals. Once the crystals are formed, they are coated with a thin layer of caramelized sugar, which gives the crystals their brown color. This process originated from Germany, hence the name.

The evaporation and crystallization process removes all impurities from the sugar – making it a perfect sweetener for loose-leaf teas. German rock sugar has a very light sweetness, which enhances the flavor of tea without masking or overpowering it.

Rock sugar is used to sweeten tea all over the world. In East Frisia, Germany, locals enjoy their tea with a large lump of rock sugar placed at the bottom of a tea cup. In Iran, they prefer to keep the rock sugar in their mouths and let it dissolve as they sip their tea.

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