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How to make Stronger tea

How to make Stronger tea...

If your answer is, "Let it steep longer," this post is for you.

Preparing tea in some cultures is an art form. But preparing bitter tea is an exercise in time. There is only one thing that a longer steep time adds to a cup of tea: bitterness. You should not ever, for any reason, oversteep your tea. It will not make the tea stronger, but could make it bitter (depending on the tea type). Herbal teas, which don't actually contain any 'tea' (or camellia sinensis plant), typically won't become bitter with a longer steep. However regular teas including oolong, green, white, black, etc will become bitter if you steep them for too long.

To make a stronger cup of tea, add more tea leaves and steep for the same amount of time. And if you're planning on making iced tea, double the amount of tea you would use in a hot cup of tea (FYI - most tea-making instructions are designed for hot cups of tea). Some people simply prefer a stronger cup of tea, which is fine, but do it with more tea, not more steep.

And if your tea is bitter, try making it again but steeping it for less time (it's probably not the tea . . .)

Comments (3)

Comments (3) -

10/4/2012 2:30:41 PM

If I wanted to shorten the time to steep tea leaves, should I double the amount I normally use and steep it for half the time?

11/15/2012 12:43:52 PM

I dont think it works like that.  I have never tried it though.  That would also increase the amount of Caffeine, because different nutrients are released at differnt temperatures and times.  In addition, that sounds like a waste of leaves.  Patience.  

4/2/2013 11:00:56 PM

My way of making senna teas stronger was what I like to call "nuking it." I boiled water in the microwave for two minutes and then threw the tea bag in. It inflated and the water under exploded. I let it steep for 15-30 minutes. I'd then add another thirty seconds in the microwave. And then another minute. And then another until I was afraid it would all evaporate. Then I would let it steep for another ten minutes. Then sweeten and drink.

The highest I'd ever gone was five minutes and the Senna  tea ha writhing pain all throughout the next day. Now, four months later, teas don't have as much effect on me. However, I continue to nuke them, at least for two minutes.