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About Heaven of Tea

You might be asking, “Why do we need another tea blog?” We asked that question long and hard before deciding to jump into the fray with our own. The answer ended up being pretty simple: our passion about tea compels us to write, teach, and proclaim the benefits of this miracle drink.

Teavana has many employees who are very passionate and knowledgeable about tea and tea products. This blog enables us to share their wisdom, insight, and experience with the Teavana community. It gives us an outlet to express our love of all things tea.

So who are the bloggers? Most are Teavana associates from our stores; some are at our store support center in Atlanta; all are dedicated tea drinkers that have enjoyed the benefits of tea for years and really know what their stuff. We hope you enjoy this blog and our take on the world of tea. Please let us know your thoughts through comments on the posts. Engaging in discussion with other avid tea drinkers is what this blog is all about.

Teavana: Opening the doors to Health, Wisdom, & Happiness.

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