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How to Decaffeinate Tea

Discontinued Teas

At Teavana, our tea masters work to continue to develop flavors that fulfill our promise to deliver premium, high-quality, loose leaf teas. We are poised to deliver an exciting collection of teas inspired by global flavors and adventures. To welcome these new teas and make room for them on our Wall of Tea, we must first say goodbye to dear favorites. We’ll list them below, so you can stock up on your favorites before they go! Please note: Some discontinued teas that are not available online may still be found in our stores. Read more...

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Tea Time: Tea in English Culture

Tea Time: Tea in English Culture

Tea was first introduced in England by Catherine of Braganza, the Portuguese princess who married Charles II. But it wasn’t until the East India Company started filling its ships with tea, after selling British-manufactured fabrics in China, that tea was sold in England commercially. Read more...

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Morning Teas

Morning Teas

Many people making the switch from coffee to tea are still looking for that great energizing morning cup. Get out and get going with these stimulating morning teas. Read more...

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The Classic Tea

Lu Yu and The Classic of Tea

Lu Yu, an author of ancient China, was the first to write a book about tea. Thanks to his work, tea became popular all throughout China and the world.Read more...

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How to make Stronger tea

How to make Stronger tea...

If your answer is, "Let it steep longer," this post is for you.

Preparing tea in some cultures is an art form. But preparing bitter tea is an exercise in time. There is only one thing that a longer steep time adds to a cup of tea: bitterness. You should not ever, for any reason, oversteep your tea. It will not make the tea stronger, but could make it bitter (depending on the tea type). Read more...

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