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Choosing a Teapot

Choosing a Teapot

One of the questions we're often asked is how to choose the correct teapot. There are a wide array of types of teapots as well as different styles and designs. How can you choose one you'll be happy with for years to come? Read more...

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Tetsubin: Making of Japanese Cast Iron Teapots

Tetsubin: Making of Japanese Cast Iron Teapots

Interested in seeing how a Japanese teapot is made? This is a series of pictures showing our Hobnail Cast Iron teapots being made in a Japanese teapot factory. For over 100 years, this factory has been producing cast iron teapots and they are known for their fine artistry and attention to detail. Read more...

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How to make Stronger tea

How to make Stronger tea...

If your answer is, "Let it steep longer," this post is for you.

Preparing tea in some cultures is an art form. But preparing bitter tea is an exercise in time. There is only one thing that a longer steep time adds to a cup of tea: bitterness. You should not ever, for any reason, oversteep your tea. It will not make the tea stronger, but could make it bitter (depending on the tea type). Read more...

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