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Flavor Profile: White Tea

Flavor Profile: White Tea

White tea, the purest and most delicate form of tea, has a mild flavor and mellow sweetness. Like many teas, the flavor of white tea changes depending upon how long it’s steeped. When steeped for a minute or so, white tea tastes light and floral. Longer steeping times bring out white tea’s honeyed sweetness.Read more...

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To Re-Steep or Not to Re-Steep

To Re-Steep or Not to Re-Steep

Re-steeping tea is a great way to get more from every tea leaf. In fact, one of the many benefits of drinking loose leaf tea is that it can be re-steeped several times, depending on the type of tea and your taste.Read more...

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Tea Tumblers on the Go

Gift Ideas for Tea Newbies

It can be really fun to shop for someone who’s just getting into tea. There’s likely so much they want and need to make the perfect cup of tea that the possibilities are nearly endless. We’ve narrowed it down for you a little bit with creative gift ideas for tea newbies – at any budget! Read more...

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